We now offer N’applique nail wraps in the salon. 

The ultimate style statement, nails are the perfect accessory and can complement any look to suit any occasion. Whether you are looking for sublime sophistication or you want to rock it out, N’applique have the nail wrap for unique, individual style.

With complete nail wrapping treatments in 60 minutes, N’applique is the classiest manicure finish in town!

Metallic gold, silver and red provide an edgy look which is not achievable with regular polish wear. Snakeskin, denim, animal prints and stripes are just a few of our other N’applique designs.

Treatment cost: £30   Treatment time: 1hour.


We now also offer SHATTER TOP COATS to either buy or to use on top of any colour. It creates a “shattered” effect when applied over any colour! Comes in black, silver or white. Add £2 to any manicure to have this new, funky look on your nails! Alternatively they retail at £10.50 per bottle.

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